Born in 1991 Armani Exchange is youthful, versatile and flexible in all its products from clothing to accessories and is the fruit of a laid-back innovative and diverse approach to dressing that was found around the downtown scenes of Giorgio Armani favorite cities.

Armani Exchange is inventive, young and captive with the aim to redefine the wardrobe with a new accessible, versatile range of youthful urban concept combined with Italian sensibility and an intuitive approach to style.

After years of experience in Iran market, Dayamode Company is now the only franchiser of Georgio Armani in Iran. Dayamode headquarter in north of Tehran now manages a total of 2400 Sq. m of Armani brands retail area, including one of the world’s largest Emporio Armani stores in the most luxurious neighborhood of Tehran.
Armani fashion house, founded by Georgio Armani 45 years ago, is now well known for its high-end brands in fashion and lifestyle including Gerogio Armani, Emporio Armani, Armani Exchange, Armani Casa, Armani Dolci and Armani Hotels.

Dayamode has now created a chance for Iranian customers to experience their well-deserved lifestyle and enjoy one of their most favorite luxury brands in Iran.

The Armani Junior was introduced in 1979 specifically focusing on the design of clothing and accessories as well as T-shirts, pullovers, suits, smokings, shoes, hats, shirts, belts, bags, underwear and accessories for babies, toddlers and teenagers up to sixteen years old. An attentive selection of natural and flexible fabrics, detailed and soft tailored pieces that bring comfort, all designed for the needs of children and the diverse moments in their lives; a classic combination of color and taste perfectly blending with unique materials.

Emporio Armani 7, better known as EA7. It is the Emporio Armani sporty brand, born in the 2004 and specialized in high performance sporty clothing. The number 7 is inspired by Andriy Shevchenko, the Milan soccer player famous in that time with the seven on his t-shirt. EA7 produces its collections in partnership with famous companies specialized in technical sporty apparel. It is CONI official sponsor since 2012, wearing the Italian Olimpic Team for London 2012, Sochi 2014 and Rio 2016.

Aimed at a younger market, EA is the pioneering line launched by Giorgio Armani in 1981. Giant billboards and the logo, with its characteristic eagle, have become an iconic symbol of this line and brought new ways of communication.

EA focuses on the modern traits of design and satisfies the need of young women and men presenting them a new aesthetic elegance merged with the casual style. EA speaks a metropolitan language with vitality and carefree disposition; following the detailed research for perfection, rich in ideas that introduce new ways of dressing and never repeating itself.